Need connector for 12 volt supply

Hallo, I have a problem connecting my 12 volt power supply to my photo enlarging head, the head has a three prong plug, but power supply has two prong connector, pleas see pictures, any help would be appreciated

Thx, Ron


  • Andreas_ConradAndreas_Conrad Moderator moderator

    Hello Ron,

    My tip is to use a new socket and plug. You won't find your plug just like that. You now have to find out which 2 contacts you really need from the 3.

    Here my socket and plug. Greets and a good time for you. Hope it helps ;)


  • Hallo Andreas, thx for sending a response. I have a photography enlarger w a 12 volt halogen lamp will the socket and plug you suggest work for the 12 volt lamp. The cord goes into power supply which is 220 outlet. Can I simply attach plug to cord (enlarging head/lamp), and attach socket to power supply. These need to be soldered to wires, as you can tell I'm no electrician, but can handle simple soldering.

  • Andreas_ConradAndreas_Conrad Moderator moderator

    Hello fbguff,

    you can solder the connector to the 12 V end of the power supply. You have to find the 2 correct wires for the connector. Your old plug has 3 contacts. Is the old plug used for the 230 V or 12 V side? When its used for the 12 V side you can change the plug. When not you need a Traveladapter.

    Then you can install the socket in the device. Here you also have to pay attention to the correct polarity. Here is a simple soldering set. Everything you need is included here.

    Hope it help you a bit. Big greets and a great day.


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