Requesting business proposal for 120 pieces: GPU Sapphire 5700 8GB

JohnnJohnn Member
bearbeitet 11. Januar in Computer & Zubehör

I am looking to get some sapphire gpu 5700 8gb, can you send me the offer for 120 pcs.
I want these for oustide EU.
I am looking forward for your reply.


  • ChristianChristian Administrator admin
    bearbeitet 11. Januar

    Hi @Johnn, thanks for your interest. Would you like to source from within Germany? Do you already have a registered B2B account? If the answer to both is yes, please open the respective form via My Account and select Angebotsanforderung in order to request an offer. You can certainly complete the form in English.

    If you would like to order fro outside Germany, please let me know.

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