Old German slot machine / Funk-Entstörfilter gesucht

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I am new to this forum. I recently purchased an old German slot machine and am trying to get it to work. I was wondering if anyone knows where or how I can get something similar to the part in the picture I am attaching. It is a Funk-Einstorfilter. Any help would be very much appreciated

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  • leo_s_conradleo_s_conrad Moderator mod

    Hello @Reuven ,
    first congratulations to your slot machine! I'm also a fan of these old machines, so may I ask which model you got?

    The device works fine without Entstörfilter, it's rather there for other devices in your household, that might get negatively influenced.

    The very same with the very same values is probably going to be hard to get, but this one here should do fine as a replacement. It's the 3 Amp version, even though the old one is only rated for 1A. I chose it because the coil values are close to the ones of the original filter.

    Another option would be buying the capacitors as stated on the case and replacing them in the original filter. That is also fine.
    Please dont plug in the old filter with the old capacitors, they tend to explode...

    Best, Leo

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