Using Raspberry pi to work with maker tools (maker event and maker numerical)

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Please has any one used a Raspberry pi on the maker tools lately. For months now, I have not been seeing it among list of devices & app, only in the general documentation part among "brands", stated to work via "maker tools". Other than that, there is no even documentation link on how to incoporate it, a link i once saw from google search kept bring up an error page.
All the projects with raspberry pi which I have been seeing are old, mostly from 2017, with just one or two from 2018. I am getting a Raspberry Pi 3b+ or 4b this new week and need to connect some sensors e.g motion sensor etc.
In addition, those older projects were mostly motion, temperature and humidity sensors or air pressure, or also connecting with LCD screen, has anyone incorporated any water leakage detector sensor?
if yes, which sensors were used to build up the raspberry system. Because I am yet to find a fitting water detection sensor, apart from the sold water detector devices are quite expensive and would be requiring addition of the vendor like that of the Homematic IP water detector costing abiut €39,95, Honeywell Home W1KS cost €67,99. Etc.
Please I await a response. thanks


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