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SunilSunil Member

Hello ,
As per e-mail sent to me, Order is expected to delivered on 19.06 .But there is no tracking number sent to me.
But still today , it is not delivered and no update email or communication in this regard for delay.
Status show "Open position "
Please let me know ,whether my order is dispatched or not ??
Could you please check it and provide me information regarding the exact date of delivery ..

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  • ChristianChristian Administrator

    Hi @Sunil, thanks for reaching out. We'll check and get back to you soon.

  • Hello @Sunil ,
    we are very sorry that we cannot give you a current delivery date. We have not yet received a delivery from our supplier that we are urgently waiting for. As soon as we have the article in stock, we will arrange for a delivery to you immediately.
    Best wishes

  • SunilSunil Member
    bearbeitet 23. Juni

    Thanks for your reply..
    I can understand it.. When I order the Item on 01.06 , it shows available in stock and delivered by 05.06
    Can I you when you are expecting from your supplier this week or next week ??
    I need the item urgently , I can wait until end of June ..
    If It is not delivered by end of June, I will cancel the order ??
    Hope you understand , please let me know ..

  • Hello,
    Thank you very much for reply,
    Please cancel this order and arrange a refund,
    Please let me know, how long it takes for the refund.

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