Suche mobilen Drucker für iBook OS X 10.4

bbby78bbby78 Member
bearbeitet November 2022 in Computer & Zubehör

Ich suche einen mini/Pocket Drucker für den iBook OS X 10.4 500ghz PowerPC G3



  • ChristianChristian Administrator admin

    Hallo @bbby78, du meinst einen Mini-Fotodrucker?

  • bbby78bbby78 Member

    Hi Christian. Nein, ich meine einen mini - Drucker um Text aus zu drucken.

  • ChristianChristian Administrator admin
    bearbeitet November 2022

    Hallo @bbby78, die Kategorie heißt Notebook-Drucker oder Mobile Printer. Die Geräte sind klein und meist auch im Akkubetrieb nutzbar. Allerdings dürften diese Geräte nicht mit dem alten iBook zusammenarbeiten. Der HP OfficeJet 250 ist beispielsweise erst ab Mac OS 10.9 nutzbar. Also blieben dir nur die üblichen Gebrauchtgeräte-Portale.

  • bbby78bbby78 Member

    Hallo Christian, thank you for your support. I'm hoping you can also speak english, so I want to be completely clear on this. Are you saying that the Hp officejet 250 that you presented will not work with the ibook powerpc g3? I checked and it seems that this ibook OS 10.4 cannot be upgraded to OS 10.9. If this is so, what then do you suggest or is there an alternative? A mobile printer will also be very useful.

  • ChristianChristian Administrator admin

    Hi @bbby, that's correct. I had checked which mobile printers are available and then examined what the requirements are. Basically, you would need to research old printers (e.g. visiting special forums) and verify their compatibility. Then you would have to start searching for potential offers on eBay and the like, ensure that they are still working etc. Since you are looking for a mobile printer, I don't think that this is going to be worth it.

  • Kriz_conradKriz_conrad Moderator moderator

    I would make it a little easier and look for any small printer (here is a pre-filtered link) with a USB interface. You can then copy the data from the iBook to a USB stick, insert it into the printer and then print directly from the USB stick. Depending on the printer model, this can also be done wirelessly, but a somewhat more up-to-date mobile phone is required.

    But before that, take a look at the manual to see whether this is supported, or tell us the model and then we'll check again.

  • bbby78bbby78 Member

    Hello Kriz, this sounds interesting. However, I'm not very tech savvy and don't know how to copy data from the ibook to a usb stick. Perhaps you can explain how it's done. Yes, I do have an iphone 8. I did take a look at the link you provided with the possible printers. Preferably, I would like to have as small a printer as possible such as the Epson Workforce.

  • bbby78bbby78 Member

    P.S. I need a printer that is battery operated and not connected to the internet. I have such a printer (used) I just need to find the 8 pol mini din (FEMALE) to usb connector. I've found lots of these but none have been MINI (8-9mm diameter).

  • Kriz_conradKriz_conrad Moderator moderator

    The devices from my link above are all battery powered. I researched more deeply and found another one from Canon.
    Unfortunately, the devices are quite expensive, but so was the PN 60. The connection of the PN 60 is very special and I actually couldn't find any individually. You will probably only get that by buying the whole printer. Here and here I found something for you on Ebay.

    Copying data to a USB stick is no witchcraft and much easier than posting something here in the forum :)

    Unfortunately I could not find out to 100% if your device has a USB port. If your Ibook has a connection, you can buy a USB stick here.
    You then simply plug the stick into the Ibook, which recognizes the stick and you can then simply drag and drop the data onto the stick. Anyway here is a short videotutorial about the copy process.
    You can then insert the stick into the new printer and print the data directly there.

  • bbby78bbby78 Member

    Hello Kriz, thanks to you and Christian, I think I may have found what I need. You recommended the Canon Workforce WF 110 which is also battery operated and has a usb. Just to be sure, can I insert data from a usb stick and print from this printer as well? Thank you both for your assistance.

  • Kriz_conradKriz_conrad Moderator moderator

    Hi @bbby78,

    sorry for the late reply, i missed the thread. I checked the printer manuals for you. Unfortunately, the WF-110 does not support an option to print directly from a USB stick, the same for for the Canon.

    Here you have to go an indirect way via the app. You install the Epson/Canon app on your phone and then print from the phone. This means that you have to get the data to be printed from the ibook to your phone before, which can be done quickly with an email, for example.
    It is also important that the printer and phone are in the same WLAN - e.g. via a hotspot.

    Only both HP Officejet printers supports direct printing from a USB stick, but unfortunately only the following formats: .jpg, .tiff, .png accordingly, they must be saved beforehand into one of the supported formats. With an online tool, or simply a screenshot.
    Unfortunately, there really isn't THE solution in combination with your Ibook, but that doesn't mean that there isn't one.
    The connection may also work directly via the USB cable, but you have to test that and we cannot clarify it here in advance because it is not officially supported.

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